About Our Team


Board of Directors


President: Julian Branche

  “The measure of a man is not in what he has gained in Life. But what he has given to Life”

“Leaving a legacy is not the gift of Kings but the life substance of a Servant”

“A loaf of Bread will save a Life. But the BREAD OF Life will save the World”

         It is interesting how life evolves and destiny takes a path of its own leaving bewildered humanity no choice but to follow in dogged obedience to its will. For Julian Branche a native of Guyana South America submitting to destiny was inevitable although his passion for independence, self-actualization- and a burning desire to forge his own life path would have given birth to a different journey, blazing a more explosive pathway.

          A childhood lived in a brightly colored one bedroom home with the smell of rich eastern spices wafting through the kitchen window as a mother dutifully prepared lunch, intentionally setting an extra plate for the expectant stranger, was an integral part of his humble beginnings. It was that childhood lived observing acts of kindness and love as a mother performed the sacred ritual of preparing and serving meals to the poor and disenfranchised.

           A pre-destined encounter with Jesus Christ; Forgiveness; Grace and Unconditional Love – replaced a meaningless existence and quickly extinguished embers of brokenness and lost opportunity. A life transformed produced an aching hunger to serve comfort and love humanity. Destiny had given birth and charity was embedded in the heart and new life of Julian Branche.                

       As a founding member and appointed president of H3 REVIVE Julian Branche has a vast range of experience having served in various charitable organizations for over 30 years. His primary career in the Healthcare industry functioning as an Associate Director of the largest private radiology group in New Jersey has allowed him to acquire a wealth of service experience in the medical field. The strong management, administrative and organizational skills gained has positioned Mr. Branche to lead and develop H3 into a vibrant non –profit organization with a worldwide focus. Embracing a Philosophy of Service; Spiritual Health and Academic excellence, Julian together with his wife Lydia a federal attorney raised three children; Angela Branche MD; Christina Branche JD and Marc Branche MD. , each following the family tradition of service to humanity.

               For Julian Branche H3 is about leaving a legacy to humanity and being an agent of change. It is about living a life of greater existence and purpose. It is about living the fulfilled life and experiencing a God moment each time love became hands and feet in acts of kindness poured into the lives of the poor and disenfranchised. It is about giving when it hurts and sacrificing when in pain and loving even when your heart is breaking. It is in being like Apostle Paul “I beseech you brethren by the mercies of God that you present your bodies as a living sacrifice unto God” Romans 12:1

“A Purpose and a Promise - A Mission to Fulfill- An Assignment - A Calling”

Vice President: Edwin Fabian

I grew up in an environment surrounded by well-marked social differences and circumstances. At a young age I realized that I was privileged to have more than the average people around me, I learned from witnessing my father’s deeds that I was to responsibly share what I had with those in need. Helping other always felt natural, it was something I was good at.

As a teenager I established a relationship with God that helped me understand why it felt Natural, It was a gift, my gift to use for the Lord and it had a name, compassion.

After spending two years in college in my home land of DR.  I came to the US where I sharpened my skills. Thru hard work, education, training and the grace of God I made it in the corporate world.

Working in positions of influence allowed me to live my passion by developing several programs to make resources available to those in need not only of financial assistance but also those in need of love, care and empathy.

Today I understand that I’m not here to help but to serve, I understand that it is not only my job but also my family’s and I often pray that He continue to use us. Joshua 24:15

I’m humbled to serve as a board member for H3 Revive as I understand that it I have been entrusted with a big responsibility to impact other people’s lives.

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Secretary: Gobena Merga

Mr. Merga serves as the secretary of the board of H3 Revive. Mr. Merga’s passion to serve those who are in need is a direct outcome of what he witnessed while growing up in his native country Ethiopia. Mr. Merga was raised in a country blessed with abandon natural and human resource but happened to be one of the poorest nations in the world primarily due to corruption and absence of human right.

Mr. Gobena Merga left for the United States of America to continue his high school education followed by higher education at Middlesex County College and New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology (EET). While going to school Mr. Merga worked as security guard, gas station attendant and a food storekeeper. He had always wanted to go back to Ethiopia after graduation, but his plans changed when he met his wife and became a father. Throughout his student life and now as an adult and father of three daughters, he has maintained a strong faith in God.

Mr. Merga continued his career as a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout designer. He worked for various big and small startup companies in New Jersey. The work environment and the highly skilled co-workers he was privilege to work with provided him plenty of experience not only in his technical skills but in management business and personal skills and collaboration with others.

When asked why he is keen to work with non-profit organization such as H3 his response was summed by quoting Saint Augustine “What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men. That is what love looks like”

Mr. Merga is actively engaged and involved with his local community through his home church LCF Christian Fellowship in East Brunswick, NJ and also involved with the Ethiopian community in NY and NJ as human right activist for the situation in Ethiopia.   

Media: Caroline Habib

Miss Habib serves as the social media correspondent on the board of H3 Revive. Her parents have instilled in her from a young age, the need to help others and to be ready and available if she were to be called upon to do so. She spent seven years in Egypt prior to moving to America, so she is aware of the needs of people both in and outside of the United States.

She graduated from East Brunswick High School in 2014 and is currently enrolled in Rutgers University, majoring both in English and Journalism as well as minoring in Women and Gender Studies, and hopes to graduate May of 2019. She has a passion for photography and video making.

Last year was her first missions trip overseas, and she was touched by both the mission as well as the children that she encountered. She felt the desire to put herself in a position to be able to keep helping those in need. Her favorite Bible verse is, “We love because he first loved us,” which is found in 1 John 4:19. She learned from a young age that God’s greatest gift is the ability to spread love, share joy, and the message with those around us. Through H3, she hopes to touch the lives of those less fortunate than she is both by providing them with earthly help, as well as showing them the eternal love that the Lord has to offer.

She hopes that H3 will provide opportunities to meet new people that she will get to form lifelong bonds with through the power and the love of God.



Treasurer: Peter Alvarez

Mr. Alvarez’s background and experience has prepared him for the position of treasurer of H3 Revive.  You can only be amazed when you see God’s plan take shape before your eyes. When he was asked to join H3 Revive, it was answered prayer.  He always wanted to use the skills and gifts given to him for the Kingdom of God.

In the business world for over 20 years, Mr. Alvarez has extensive accounting and financial reporting experience.  He has effectively developed and managed business processes including business planning, financial modeling and forecasting, cash management and strategic planning.

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit – Matthew 28:19

Mr. Alvarez is a missionary at heart and God has opened doors and has taken him to parts of the world that he would never dream of going.  He has been to Togo, West Africa where he took part in building two churches, Bangalore, India working with kids and lepers. He has also been to Antigua and four times to the Dominican Republic.

When asked why he goes on missions trips, Mr. Alvarez said what can be more important than telling people the Good News, he also added that it is him being selfish – “I go on these trips and I get much more than what I give, we cannot out give God”.

Mr. Alvarez knows that his financial background and experience in the mission field was part of God’s plan to prepare him for the work he performs for God’s Kingdom through H3 Revive.

Mr. Alvarez is married to his beautiful wife Elissa and has two teenage kids – Ellie and Peter.

Advisory Board

David Amendola

Rev. David Amendola serves on the Board of Advisors for H3 Revive.  David’s desire to serve others was birthed through many overseas experiences he had while a teeneager.   During some key moments of his life God open a door to travel overseas to do missions work. It was in those moments that God worked on David’s heart to care for those in need by bringing the Gospel and meeting physical/emotional needs.

It was during one specific trip to Mexico in 2002 that God really got a hold of David’s heart and solidified his call to ministry.  Upon high school graduation, David attended the University of Valley Forge and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Youth Ministry. In September of 2008, David became the Youth Pastor at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship in East Brunswick, N.J.  He continues to serve at this post.

Throughout his years as Youth Pastor,  David has sought to encourage the church’s young people to step up and meet the needs of a broken world.  He often quotes Heath Adamson who said, “If we preach a gospel apart from radical acts of justice and compassion, we preach a gospel that Jesus never preached. And if we have acts of justice and compassion without the gospel, all we do is offer a better brand of misery,” David is convinced that the Gospel is the most important need every human has.  He also remains convinced that the Gospel operates at its greatest power when it is combined with meeting everyday needs.

In 2016 David married his wonderful wife and in 2017 they moved to reside in East Brunswick, N.J. where they hope to one day raise their family.

The answer to why he wants to work with H3 Revive he said, “The Lord has blessed me beyond my wildest imagination.  I can not sit back and watch others be in need while I could do something about it. I know that I can not meet every single need in the world, but I want to be faithful to use all that I have been given for God’s glory.

In his spare time David enjoys jogging, playing softball, and spending time with family.


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Angela Branche

Dr. Branche is an assistant professor at the University of Rochester, School of Medicine. Dr. Branche received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology at the University of Pennsylvania and Doctorate in Medicine at American University of the Caribbean. She completed residency in Internal Medicine at NYU Lutheran in Brooklyn, NY and infectious disease fellowship at the University of Rochester. She currently has a clinical inpatient practice comprised of both general infectious diseases and HIV medicine patients. Dr. Branche is also a New York State designated HIV/AIDS provider and has a practice comprised of adult patients ages 18 and older at the URMC HIV Clinic.

During her years at the University of Rochester her focus in research involved the use of viral molecular and immunological diagnostic assays to explore the pathogenesis and host response to acute viral respiratory illnesses in adults. She is currently the clinical director of the NIH Center for Excellent in Influenza Research and Surveillance (CEIRS) New York Influenza Center of Excellence (NYICE) and a clinical investigator in the NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Respiratory Pathogen Research Center (RPRC) at the University of Rochester. Her current research activities explore clinical disease, pathogenesis, development of therapeutics and vaccine biology related to infection with viral and bacterial respiratory pathogens. Studies include assessment of asymptomatic carriage of Streptococcus pneumoniae and the impact of pneumococcal vaccination, surveillance of epidemic influenza infections and immunologic mechanisms of protection following natural infection versus vaccination, the development of pandemic influenza vaccines, population-based studies of RSV infection and the development of anti-viral agents for RSV.  Dr. Branche has published several peer-reviewed articles, reviews and book chapters related to respiratory viral pathogens in adults.

Anthony Belgrave Jr.

Anthony Belgrave Jr. was born in Brooklyn, New York, where he was raised in a Christian home. He learned the importance of gratitude and giving back when he was young. Mr. Belgrave learned to adapt to change when he transitioned from city life to a suburban neighborhood after relocating to New Jersey.

He attended East Brunswick High school where he graduated in 2014. Throughout his time at East Brunswick High, Anthony served as a leader in many activities. He attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick and majored in Information Technology with a minor in Africana Studies. Mr. Belgrave graduated in May 2018 and currently works as an IT project manager for Chubb Insurance.  

This past summer, he went on a missions trip to the Dominican Republic and served on the construction team and as a camp leader. After the week long trip, Anthony returned home very motivated to further help the missions team and build a sustainable future for the children. Anthony joined H3 to lead the fund raising and marketing campaigns. 

He believes that H3 is not just a non profit, but a group of people, guided by faith and love seeking to make physical and spiritual differences in the lives of others.