Our Vision



Who are we?

We are a diverse group of people with a love for humanity.  Motivated by the goodness of God in our lives, we seek to engage in acts of compassion both locally and globally by bringing hope, healing, and health to the world. We intentionally seek out those who need assistance and we come alongside them to help get to a point of self-sustainability.

Why was H3 Revive formed?

In 2016 a small team went to the Dominican Republic to see how we could help kids who are HIV+.   After encountering the harsh reality that these children face every day a larger team (2017) was then formed to go back to the Dominican Republic to help in any way possible.  This team was comprised of doctors, a nurse, skilled laborers, and energetic teens. This team spent a week making the HIV Unit functional, treating patients, and running a life-changing three day camp for the children. The vision of the true reality of these children created a burden and deep desire to find and develop a permanent solution to meet the needs of these children who now became a family of our own.  

Upon returning to the United States we felt it best to form a non-profit organization to work with this and similar challenges affecting the least of these around the world. This dream began to unfold and gave birth to H3 Revive, a non-profit organization with a local and global focus to bring Hope, Health, and Healing to communities by providing spiritual, financial, and educational support in order to empower them to become self-sustained.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe...

  • Every person is fearfully and wonderfully made.

  • Therefore even the least of these are worthy of love and compassion.

  • Love and compassion is best displayed through acts of Kindness. Speech is not enough; our beliefs and deeds must work together.

  • Our missions is to empower people to live to the fullest as God intended.

Current Projects: Dominican Republic (HIV+ Kids)

What has been done in 2017:

  • Specialized physicians treated over 100 kids and remain in contact for ongoing consultation.

  • Major structural repairs made to the Unit.

  • Provided medical equipment and supplies to the Unit.

  • Provided immediate and ongoing nutrition.

  • Improved functionality of the Unit.

  • Unit was upgraded to be child friendly.

  • First annual three day camp was a major success as children found an identity and purpose.

  • Christmas gifts were provided to each child.

What has been done in 2018:

  • Build and Complete Kitchen/Outdoor Lunch Area and garden at the Unit.

  • Continue annual camp and develop local leaders who can carry on future events which will be supported by H3 Revive.

  • Engaging qualified local leaders for long-term spiritual and emotional care.

  • Connect with Families and parents

What is our plan for 2019?

  • Continue the annual camp and potentially train local leaders in order to continue the camp when we can no longer be on the ground.

  • Ensure that medicine will be delivered with to the kids that need it.

  • Home ministries: visiting the kids and their family bringing food and other necessities.

  • Find a location to build an orphanage for the kids that do not have homes and need a place to live, at this location we will also be teaching the kids necessary trades for self-sustainability.

  • Expand throughout the rest of the hospital.

Potential Future Projects:

  1. Teen Drug Abuse Prevention and Rehabilitation Program

  2. Homeless Winter Warming Station

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Dominican Republic 2017

Dominican Republic 2017