Dominican Republic 2018


Past Projects

What’s to Come: Dominican Republic 2019

Summer 2019, H3 Revive will be partnering with the youth, young adults and adults of LCF to go back to the Dominican Republic. This year we will be continuing to work with the children at the HIV unit and running the camp for them as well. We hope to expand to different areas of the hospital such as the burn unit and orthopedics, making both of these areas child-friendly. We will be painting the walls and cleaning the building up to the best of our ability. To continue helping the families of the children in the HIV unit, we will be distributing food to the families in need that have children that attend the hospital. We began to do this last year, and we hope for more success with it during this upcoming summer.

Another project that we will be continuing is the camp that we have held for the past 2 years. The camp includes lessons based on Biblical stories, arts and crafts, and different sports for those who want to participate. Each day we will be providing the attendees of the camp with breakfast and lunch.

The last day of the camp usually includes Pine Wood Derby, the cars for which are painted by the kids before the day of the actual race and are carved and prepared by volunteers from LCF and shipped before we head overseas.

One of the greatest successes that we have had over the past few months is the solution to one of the most significant problems: medicine. We have made connections with different groups and providers to get the medication to the children that need it. By the end of our next visit, we hope to solve the nutrition problem for the children within the hospital.

This past summer we made contact with a local pastor who is willing to take over the mission to get the word of God to these children and provide them with the love and happiness that they deserve. We hope to continue to bring up and train more local leaders that are willing and able to take charge of the growth and help of these children while we are no longer in the Dominican Republic.