Past Projects

What Has Happened: Dominican Republic 2018


We are excited to be going back to the Dominican Republic again this summer. The main goal for this upcoming year is simply put with one word: sustainability. We want to give the kids and their parents an education about the health issues they currently have. The kids we are working with have HIV and AIDS, and it is important for them as well as their parents to be educated on how to combat the future they are handed. We will have trained doctors with us who specialize in AIDS and HIV again this year that will focus more so on education than anything else in order for us to not be needed.

We will also be doing home visits; providing families with appliances they may need, food, and spiritual guidance.

The days being in the clinic will revolve around creating a functioning kitchen and eating area within the clinic, as well as a garden for the kids to plant vegetables they may need and learn to take care of them themselves, showing responsibility and work ethic.

The days of the camp, just as we did previously will be revolved around spiritual growth, and once again, sustainability. We will be providing them with Biblical lessons covering many stories that a lot of them have not heard before.

We plan to show them what the true love of God is because a lot of them, if not all of them are ostracized by their communities and even in some cases, their own families. 


Dominican Republic 2017 One of our team members playing with the kids during one of the days at the clinic.